10 Things to Do If You Are Covid Positive

Hello folks,

I really hope you are all safe, energized, and hopeful. I was sick for the past few days so took a break – I will try to be more productive and consistent – but for now your ghost blogger is back. So I recently went for a Covid check-up because I felt the need of it: headache, drowsiness, and mild fever were few of the symptoms that surfaced on the top as I kept convincing myself that I was doing just okay. To my surprise I was actually Covid Positive (just got the test result yesterday). Now because I share room with my sister who’s two years younger than me, it was just sensible to conclude that I had shared my virus with her. She later went for a checkup and like predicted, she was positive too. So currently, we both have shut our doors to the world, hoping for a speedy recovery. To be honest, it’s not that bad. I have seen worst cases so I am glad that my symptoms are mild.

It’s been two days since I completely secluded myself from the world. Difficult though it is to spend time alone, I made a list to help myself as well as anyone else who might just need a push in a rightful direction. I hope you don’t have to read this at the first place, but if you end up getting Covid, which is completely normal, you can use this list to help yourself feel slightly better.


Yeah, don’t panic. The simpler you take it, the simpler it is. If you end up losing yourself upon getting the test result just because you were hoping it to be negative, you’re starting a war with your nerves. It’s just going to sweep your positive energy so don’t panic. It is just alright to feel down. But just know that the healing process will only begin once you are ready for it.


If you are quarantining at home, then it’s important to consult with your doctor and make a chart. Add a lot of fruits and multivitamins to your list. As for myself, I am taking Surbex T (High-potency Vitamin B complex with Vitamin C) and Cac-1000 PLUS (Calcium+Vitamins D3+C+Bs). Not all of them are great, but as long as they are helping you heal – it’s a bonus!


Dang! What better time do you have to just sit back and relax and watch a movie? Even if you don’t enjoy watching films, you can try watching one and see if you are able to find one that resonates with you. Here are a few recommendations from my 2020 watch-list: Interstellar, The Martian, Money ball, Shutter Island, or STARWARS. Sherlock is my fav show btw 😉


As long as you are alone in the house, you can search or even discover new recipes yourself. It will help you regain your appetite thus helping you stay active during the day. You can share your journey on social media and interact with your followers!


I started watching baseball but ended up falling in love with soccer! You can watch highlights of the matches and start following up with your team. I am currently supporting Tottenhum Hotspur (F.C), Juventus (CR fan here), and Manchester United. Sports never fail to transfer positive energy so I believe it would be a great help to you.


Duolingo is a language-learning platform. You can learn almost any language for absolutely free. Recently, they have allowed its users to host events on zoom. You can host one yourself and teach any language that you fluent or proficient at. It would allow you make global friends and connections – all behind the screen of your laptop.


Putting your thoughts to paper can help you process and release your feelings. You can write about your worries and observations but can also write down the things that you are grateful for.


There are various podcasts these days that you can listen to without any cost. It’s fun to listen to coffee break Spanish if you want to refresh your Spanish speaking skills or any at all. There is an ample variety only if you are willing to take the step. So go ahead, and select whatever is the right fit for you.


I understand that it gets extremely difficult to overcome depression once you get hold of it. Singing aloud is the best way you can regain your strength, Download karaoke apps and sing your heart out. There is no better way to listen to your voice than by singing your favorite song. So don’t be shy. Sing for as long as you want and don’t let anyone stop you.


Once again, you are not in the situation to panic. There’s nothing to be scared about. Just relax. And have faith. Everything is going to be alright.

With that being said, I wish you all the very best of luck and a speedy recovery. Know that this is not the end of the world and there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. You are not alone and we are all in this together. Stay safe. Stay Healthy.


  1. I was sick too a few weeks ago after i had travelled to a place for Christmas break. I hope u get well soon. And like u said don’t panic and have fun doing stuff u enjoy. Not doing anything causes panic. Im glad u isolating with someone, i was alone and i went super crazy😀😀 please update us when u are well🙏🙏🙏 God bless you

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    1. Wow!! That totally made my day. I am doing much better now, Sharon, thanks for asking. I hope you’re doing better too. Like one of the after-effects that I am suffering from is tiredness. I used to go for long runs and now I can’t manage to go out on a 2.5 km walk. While it may sound serious, it’s still nothing compared to what others – especially older people – have to go through. Nevertheless, I am glad about the vaccine arrival. Are you okay? It seems as if you are a working person. Things must have been difficult to manage 😦


      1. I started work on the 7th from the holidays but i was still sick. my situation went bad and then i had to stop working for a few days. I have not met my deadlines this month because i have been so confused and so slow most of the time. Because im overweight my breathing took long to normalise but once it got better, i was fine. Now i feel like i was never sick, my apetite is back but food isn’t tasting as nice yet. I walk 2km daily at most 3 anything longer its tough. I work from home so i feel blessed that i can work even in the middle of the night if that is when i get energy.
        Its been a tough year but I am glad to have survived this illness. My symptoms were mild as well so there’s so much to be grateful for.

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      2. My god! I can’t really imagine myself in your shoes —you’ve been so strong. I am sooooo happy to hear that you’re on your way to getting better again. I understand how tough it might have been for you. About the taste, I can totally relate with that one. My mum got me everything I always love to eat only to realise later that I had lost the sense of smell and taste —have gotten much better now! I really hope your senior/boss gives you an extended deadline. I recently asked for that too from my admissions councillor as I am applying for college this year. And I am sure you are going to ace your work from now on because you’ve started to recover. Covid might not be that bad for everyone but the after effects are totally horrendous.
        Just stay happy and take care of yourself. Sending you all my love and light!

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      3. Also u need to take care on the exercise my friend tried to strain herself by doing 3.5kms and she was sick for 4 days straight. The lungs have been through a lot.

        About the vaccine here in Mozambique maybe we will get it next year if we are lucky, who knows🥺🥺

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      4. You’re right. Just went out with my dad on a walk today and that was it. I am still exhausted.

        Pakistan still has a long way to go too!! Vaccines still have not become available. Let’s see what happens. Hope for the best, Sharon. 💜


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