a curious teen, aiming to give her life and voice a meaning

Hello folks,

It is with a kind of fear that I begin to write ‘about’ myself. To be very honest, I don’t really enjoy the spotlight – the concept itself drains my energy. But today seems different. Over the course of writing this section of my blog, I I felt the joy of owning a platform where I could, without fear, let the words from my heart out. This picture (somewhere on your screen) was taken a couple of months ago. By then, I hadn’t cut 11″ of my hair. I still look far from bald. No worries!

I enjoy watching crime/action-thriller films and series. But when it comes to reading books, I am not a fan of such genres; Khaled Hosseini’s books remain my favorite to this date. Skating and riding horses are a stress-reliever for me. I enjoy organizing my thoughts and this blog is one current example. It aims to lay a spawning ground for all the thoughts, social concerns, mental health, and everything that surfs though my mind. “Teaching is a reciprocal thing.” Lets use this platform to teach each other while learning something at the same time.

I hope this site becomes the reason for your mental, emotional, and personal growth. And you find every element that otherwise lacks in your beautiful lives.

All the posts are pieces of my own experience as a growing individual. Opinion is what they are based on. Kindly refrain from spreading hate.

With love,

(For any queries/complaints/concerns/questions, send an email at: manahilmansha@gmail.com.)