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Hi, I’m Manahil, a student-photographer-experimenter, and now a part-time blogger. Please look forward to my site.

Butterflies –

Hi folks, Hope you’re all vaccinated and feeling good. I see I haven’t been active since March and it makes me feel sad. Reading blogs on WordPress was once a source of endless joy until I lost myself in the crowd of tasks. But I wish to revive the lost again. So if you haveContinue reading “Butterflies –”

Good Bye 18 – 19?

Coming to think of it, I am not sure if I have ever had the chance to really know the kind of person I am. Simply put, I guess I’ve never even thought about it. Sometimes, I enclose myself in the body of an enthusiastic guitarist, play for a few hours, and then forget aboutContinue reading “Good Bye 18 – 19?”

My dad & I

I have always wanted to write an appreciative account on how my dad helped me become a strong woman in a male-dominating society. Here’s a recent picture of us together. Hope it radiated the same light and message that I intended for it to 💜 To everything we have accomplished together, dad, and much more!Continue reading “My dad & I”


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